Matthew Grose

  • NameMatthew Grose
  • LocationMinneapolis, MN USA

Effective leaders ensure the balance of investing in invidual and team growth to achieving desirable results. Stephen Covey's definition of effectiveness, "the balance of obtaining desirable results with caring for that which produces those results".

Effective engineers practice the "evolving circle" of pairing together software craftsmanship, continuous delivery and lean product management to sustainably deliver innovative software and value to users.

Skills & Knowledge

Back-End Development

  • Java & Groovy (Spring)Advanced
  • SOLID PrinciplesAdvanced
  • .NET C#
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB

Front-End Development

  • ReactAdvanced
  • Angular
  • Javascript (ES.Next)
  • Typescript
  • Atomic Design
  • React-Native

DevOps / Site Reliability

  • Lean Agile DevelopmentAdvanced
  • Jenkins 2, Pipeline as CodeAdvanced
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • Prometheus / Grafana


  • OpenID ConnectAdvanced
  • OAuth2
  • SAML 2.0

Experience & Education

  • Software Engineering Manager, Architect

    Optum, UnitedHealth Group

    Feb 2016 - Now

    Hands on manager and architect for 15 engineers in 3 cross-functional teams involving development, quality, devops, and site reliability.

    Responsible for the full software lifecycle and production quality of Optum’s portal and developer enablement platform with 1 million users.

    Evolved devops and site reliability maturity within the teams. Production incidents decreased 150%, performance improved and user story cycle time was reduced from over 1 month to 5 days.

    Led migration from a monolithic single datacenter VM architecture to a distributed, service oriented multi-datacenter architecture utilizing spring boot, netflix oss, kubernetes, prometheus and AWS Route 53.

    Focused on front-end code reusability and visual consistency through a team created component library utilizing react, styleguidist and storybook.

  • Sr. Full Stack Software Engineer

    Optum, UnitedHealth Group

    Sept 2015 - Feb 2016

    Leading code contributor, reviewer and architect utilizing a spring boot, mysql, angular 1 and jenkins stack.

    Led angular 1 code refactor to John Papa’s style guide.

    Led spring boot refactor to utilize dependency injection patterns, mocked unit testing and a Repo/Service layered architecture.

    Introduced pull request based development and automated testing utilizing Jenkins 1 Delivery Pipeline plugin as a full CI/CD pipeline.

  • Development Team Lead

    Life Time Fitness

    Oct 2014 - Sept 2015

    Leading code contributor, reviewer and scrum leader on a .NET Web API, MS SQL, Angular 1 and Atlassian team.

    Led redesign to an “API First” Web API + Angular stack, also enabling other teams to consume our data.

    Transitioned to pull requests, Git Flow and automated testing.

    Learned CI best practices and led implementation for several teams, including mobile Xamarin team utilizing Atlassian Bamboo.

  • Full Stack Developer

    Life Time Fitness

    Jun 2013 - Oct 2014

    Quickly ramped up on each tier of a 3 tier stack utilizing MS SQL, .NET MVC, and JQuery.

    Led Angular 1 replacement of JQuery.

  • B.B.A in Management Information Systems & Finance

    University of Minnesota, Dulth

    Sept 2008 - May 2013

    Minor in Accounting



Current Location

Minneapolis, MN USA